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Five extraordinary destinations for the Christmas season

Stress-free destinations 

We’ve all heard this story: overcrowded Christmas markets, tacky plastic trees and the annoying task of navigating stores while shopping for Christmas gifts. On the other side of the punch and crowds, we would like to introduce you to very special places where you can enjoy the Christmas season – with the whole family and without stress.
Preseason fun on the slopes in South Tirol
At the beginning of the ski season in the Kronplatz region, a popular vacation destination, three slopes offer an experience with a little something extra: You can be among the first to head down the mountain on a sled or skis this season – without waiting in line and at discounted prices. This region also offers great places to hike in the snow for those not so fond of skiing.

Skiing locations in the Kronplatz region in South Tirol: www.kronplatz.com
Preseason: November 28–December 20, 2015
Marvel at the northern lights at the North Cape
During the winter months, nature’s fascinating light show can be seen from the northern coast of Norway. This magical display can be discovered in northern Norway or on the Svalbard islands. The odds are greatest between September 21 and March 21.

Destinations and information: www.campaign.visitnorway.com
Pay a visit to Santa Claus 
You can visit Santa Claus and his workshop in his hometown in Finland. Not many people can honestly say that they’ve petted reindeer or been wished a merry Christmas by the real Santa Claus.

Santa Claus Village www.santaclausvillage.info
Pure tradition at the Coburg Christmas market
Germany is the land of Christmas markets. One special Christmas oasis, away from the throngs of tourists, is the market in the Bavarian city of Coburg. You won’t find bumper cars or booths overloaded with colorful and kitschy lights here. What separates Coburg’s Christmas market is the festive atmosphere of the square where you will find local products, traditional handmade wares and sweets.

Coburg Christmas market: www.coburger-weihnachtsland.de
The warmth of summer in winter – no South Seas necessary!
Wellness and sliding fun at 35°C – if you want to get away from the cold for a few hours and maybe even have a little fun and relaxation at the same time, then we recommend Europe’s largest indoor oases in Berlin and Munich:

Tropical Island, 60 kilometers from Berlin: Europe’s largest tropical getaway www.tropical-islands.de

Therme Erding, 40 kilometers from Munich: Europe’s largest water park with 26 slides www.therme-erding.de

VARTA wishes all the families out there a relaxing break, a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the New Year!