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Hungry for energy?

The VARTA Advent calendar has just the thing for bundles of energy

The Advent season, steeped in tradition, is right around the corner, and VARTA Consumer, your energy expert, is sweetening the run-up to Christmas for you once again: Every day from December 1 to Christmas Eve (December 24), we will be opening a virtual door of our Advent calendar, and you can win remote-control fun from toy manufacturer DICKIE TOYS and our High Energy batteries!
Remote-control surprises
A new one of the 24 great prizes sure to make kids’ hearts race with excitement will be given away every day. As our partner, toy manufacturer Dickie Toys has made a large selection of electronic toys available to us, including the remote-control Mighty Excavator. To ensure the fun lasts as long as possible, the right High Energy batteries from VARTA are of course included. The High Energy line is the part of VARTA’s range that was developed specifically for use in devices that have a high energy requirement.
It pays to participate!
The toys are only a click away: Just visit the website beginning on December 1 and take your pick from the selection of action-packed prizes. It’s as nice as waiting for Christmas can be!

VARTA wishes you the best of luck in the competition and a wonderful Christmas season!

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