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Just getting away from it all

Trekking through South Tyrol − socket-free

With VARTA products in their backpacks, two international travel bloggers set off in a camper on a journey through the breathtaking landscape of South Tyrol for VARTA in cooperation with IDM Südtirol. We certainly don’t want to deprive you of everything that Yvonne Zagermann from www.justtravelous.com and Kristin Addis from www.bemytravelmuse.com experienced.
Justtravelous – 5-day break in South Tyrol
From the get-go, Yvonne Zagermann was sold on the idea of traveling through South Tyrol without access to electrical sockets and only with products from VARTA. Apart from the Powerpack 2.600 mAh, the gear also included the larger versions, namely the Powerpack 10.400 mAh and the Powerpack 16.000 mAh. That means the bloggers had products with them that are not only ideally suited to campers while on vacation, but also for anyone who is often on the go.
There is virtually no getting around the VARTA Powerpacks for anyone who needs an energy boost while being on the move to continue using their smartphone to work on or take pictures. Yvonne told us incidentally that she liked the Powerpack 10.400 the best. The Powerpack was not too heavy on the climb up to the pastures high in the Alps. At the same time, Yvonne had enough juice to photograph everything in detail − such as the specialties of Tyrolean cuisine, garnished with lots of wildflowers, which they enjoyed in Gostner Schwaige.
Bemytravelmuse – perfectly powered up! 
It goes without saying that no outdoor adventure would be complete without the new Outdoor Sports Lights, so the lanterns as well as the headlights were included in the gear of both bloggers. Thanks to these items, the two women were able to make things cozy in the camper at night, even without electricity.
An outing to Lake Prags is a must, of course, on any trip to South Tyrol − it really is as beautiful as it looks in pictures. Since it can be overrun with visitors, especially on weekends, Yvonne recommends visiting the lake in the evening. Equipped with a headlight, an evening excursion like this has its own fun flair.
The particular highlight of the tour for both bloggers, however, was the tandem paragliding flight. Yvonne writes, “[...] nothing tops the bird’s-eye view, so you should definitely go paragliding in South Tyrol! If you have never tried it before, let me tell you this: it takes a little courage, but once you’re in the air, you’ll wonder why you were even scared in the first place.”

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