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Feel the Power with VARTA High Energy batteries

Fill up your battery stocks now and with a little bit of luck you could be off on a family vacation to Finland!

Have you seen the new VARTA display stands in your local store yet?
High Energy batteries have been given a winter makeover with the new slogan “Feel the Power”. And with a little bit of luck, VARTA could be sending you to Finland for an energizing family adventure with an extra portion of power.

High Energy batteries – powerful energy
As the winter nights draw in, our desire for light and the peaceful holiday period only grows stronger. Our homes with festive decorations, and the Christmas tree lit up in the corner fill our hearts with a special kind of joy.

But all this would not be possible without powerful batteries, and so demand for batteries is rising up in these special times. The gifts under the Christmas tree may also require quite a lot of power, from children’s toys like remote controlled cars, walkie-talkies or talking soft toys to the latest computer accessories.

Wide-eyed children unpack their Christmas gifts, but in most cases, the toys bear one disappointing message: “batteries not included.” But don’t worry – VARTA is here to save the day and ensure that children can enjoy their brand-new toys on Christmas Day.

Powerful High Energy batteries from VARTA are now available in the special polar bear value pack containing ten batteries. These packs are available in the two main battery sizes, AA and AAA, ensuring that you have enough juice to power all the toys and gadgets under the Christmas tree right away this year.

Bringing energy to life

Recharge your own batteries and feel the power with the whole family by winning a wonderful vacation week packed with a lot of winter adventures in our competition. In Finland, you will get the chance to ride snowmobiles, visit a farm and stroke the cute little huskies and reindeer, and spend a night out in the great outdoors.

Enter now and win the Feel the Power competition; simply register here:


We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you!