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Stay safe in the winter months with the Safety Power Bank

Recharging batteries – and defending against attackers!

Sometimes poorly lit areas can make you feel unsafe on the way home at night. As the days growing shorter again,
an extra portion of safety is never a bad thing.

Feel safe even in the dark winter nights with the new Safety Power Bank from VARTA – the handy, compact companion that fits in most purses or bags that not only recharges your smartphone, an integrated alarm siren also provides additional safety against assault and harassment.

Ready for danger

The Safety Power Bank provides enough energy to recharge a completely empty smartphone battery*, and with dimensions of 11 cm in length and less than 4 cm in width, it fits in almost any clutch, purse or pocket. The handy, 97 g Power Bank can also be worn comfortably around the wrist thanks to an integrated lanyard, which means that it is ready to hand at any time.

Pulling the handle triggers a 100 db siren that can attract attention and scare away potential assailants. To ensure reliable protection, the battery always keeps 20 % of its capacity available for the alarm siren. After its power has been used to that point, the Power Bank will no longer be able to recharge any mobile devices, though it still always has a safety reserve to be able to trigger the alarm.

* Based on iPhone 5C; results may vary by device.

Stylishly and safely into the night

The Safety Power Bank is not only a reliable companion when you’re out and about, it also stands out with its attractive design. The classic, refined colors of black and gold go with any outfit. The high-quality materials sit perfectly in your hand – giving you more power, style and safety!