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Battery-operated outdoor fun with VARTA!

Summer Party with VARTA.

Summer means outdoor parties, just like VARTA means portable energy! Our High Energy and Longlife batteries will ensure your battery-operated outdoor fun! Just take your stereo to the park, the beach or your friend’s pool and have a good time! If you want your party to be a bit bigger and louder, enter our sweepstake and win cool prizes. Let’s enjoy the summer with VARTA!
Non-stop Outdoor Fun!
Do you want to keep your party going a little bit longer? No problem! With the new VARTA bonus packs, you get more outdoor fun with your electronic gadgets and your friends. The blister packs make sure that you have enough energy with you, whenever and wherever you need it.
Party Like a Rock Star!
If you want more, you can also enter VARTA’s sweepstake. In addition to the new blister packs, VARTA gives you a chance to win one of twenty €2,500 budgets for your own summer party. There’ll be no party like yours! Invite all your friends and enjoy long summer nights with great music and cold drinks! To join the contest, simply go to www.win-with-varta-consumer.com.*
*Eligible for participation – acting in their own name – are all natural persons aged 18 years and above who are legal residents of France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Hungary or UK.