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Unique gift ideas for young and old

Find unique presents for everyone with VARTA

Christmas is coming – and so is the gift-buying season. We’ve put together a few suggestions to help you figure out what to buy your loved ones this year:
Gifts that bring smiles to children's faces
It’s a situation that anyone who has children is familiar with: There are already too many toys scattered around the house. So how about something special that is meant to last?

Music, dance or riding lessons are a great idea. They’re fun and a great way to encourage your kids’ interests.

Children love to get mail, too. So how about a subscription? By the way, magazines aren't the only thing you can subscribe to. You can also subscribe to craft kits, which make a great gift for the whole family. You can choose from a wide range of subscriptions to find the perfect match for your kids' interests. Here are a few magazine recommendations and a comparison of different craft kits.
Great gifts for friends
Finding gifts for your friends is often a bigger challenge. However, you can get exciting and original gifts on websites such as Virgin experience days. The options are organized into categories, which makes finding the perfect gift for the occasion and the recipient a breeze – from short getaways or a spin on a snowmobile to making your own ring with a professional goldsmith.

A handmade gift is the perfect way to make friends happy. Knitters have a whole world of possibilities right at their fingertips, such as knit caps in your friends’ favorite colors. Great ideas are available on websites such as Loveknitting.com. If you’re not into knitting, then visit Dawanda and click on “DIY tutorials” for more ideas. Here’s a tip for those of you who aren’t so “crafty”: They have an online shop, too.
Time together is a gift for the whole family
In everyday life, we often end up not spending enough time with our loved ones, even though family time is especially important and well spent. Joining a club is a great gift to help you spend more time together. How about a children’s theater group or a sports team. They encourage quality time, and the kids aren’t the only ones who have something to look forward to.

If joining a group isn’t your thing, a day trip also makes a wonderful gift. You could make your own gift certificate for a day of ice skating, sledging, cycling, bowling, swimming or any other fun activity for the whole family. That way, everyone gets the chance to do something they enjoy.
For grandmas and grandpas
Grandparents look forward to spending time with the family. So doing something together with them is also a great idea. Watching an old black-and-white movie together or going through old family photos are an enjoyable way to take a walk down memory lane.

A handmade or decorated picture frame with a recent family portrait is another bright idea. Those of you who are more creatively inclined might want to try their hands at a photo puzzle. You can make one yourself with a puzzle cutter or have one made here. The website also offers the option to print your own customized photo calendar, which is also sure to make grandma and grandpa happy.

Have a great time being creative and trying out our ideas – Merry Christmas!