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Feel the Power in Africa

Experience the family adventure of the year in Namibia with VARTA

Expansive plains, awe-inspiring natural wonders and endless hospitality. Namibia is one of Africa’s top travel destinations. Its extremely diverse wildlife is particularly exciting. Tourists can see countless antelopes, giraffes and zebras, and if they’re lucky, some cheetahs and leopards too. Namibia even has a relatively high number of lions – the kings of the animal world.
But one thing is certain: from the Etosha National Park to the dunes of Sossovlei, the sheer power of the African landscape never ceases to amaze visitors.
Feel the power of the lion – with VARTA batteries
Anyone who wants full power on this high-powered safari should not forget to take along some new VARTA value packs:
the Big Box of 12 batteries offers a large and practical supply of energy. Thanks to the reclosable packaging, batteries can’t fall out, even on bumpy safari trails. This ensures that flashlights, portable radios and other devices are always operational when touring the African savannah of Namibia.
Safari power
VARTA is sending you on an action-packed family safari adventure in Namibia to witness the power of the African continent first hand. To win the prize, all you have to do is answer the question correctly. Scan the QR code on the promotional displays or go to www.win-with-varta-consumer.com.
Even the consolation prize is unique: VARTA will give away ten Carl Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42 binoculars in a prize draw from among all participants. These binoculars will ensure that you don’t miss out on the tiniest detail, even from a distance. And the same applies for expeditions at home too.

VARTA wishes you plenty of fun and good luck!