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We show you how you can recharge your batteries on dreary fall days

Summer is over and the months of fall are almost upon us. The days are getting shorter. Rain, wind and gray skies start to lull our mood. Collective fatigue and lethargy often set in and we end up suffering from November blues. VARTA shows you how you can recharge your batteries on dreary fall days.


The cloudy days of fall are difficult for many of us. But even though it’s much cozier indoors, an hour in the fresh air is enough to lift your spirits even on the darkest days. On those, it's often the case that we are simply not getting enough sunlight. Getting bundled up and going for a walk in fall is fun and who knows, maybe the occasional ray of sunshine will peek through the clouds.


After the walk, you can indulge in a warm bath with scented oils and then wrap yourself in thick blankets and curl up on the couch to read a book and enjoy a cup of tea. Our tip: homemade ginger tea. It strengthens the immune system and its spicy properties will warm you up from the inside out. Just take a piece of ginger root the size of your thumb, peel and slice it, pour over hot water and let it stand for ten minutes. You can also sweeten it with honey if you want.

You could enjoy it with some whole-grain bread and blackcurrant jam. These little berries are packed with energy, iron-rich and contain about 175mg of vitamin C per 100g ‒ that’s three times as much vitamin C as a lemon has.


When the world outside seems brown and gray, colorful clothes are guaranteed to be uplifting. Yellow or orange lighten your mood, green is soothing, and red is warm and energizing. The trendy colors this fall include vivid blues, a wide variety of green shades and cool pastel colors, and especially fiery reds ‒ definitely enough colors to set a cheerful mood. And if you don’t have the right clothes to wear: Shopping is fun even on rainy days!

Now that you have the right colorful attire, all you need is a smile on your face and the day is bound to be a success. A good mood is healthy ‒ laughing is beneficial for your body and mind. On that note, we hope you have a happy fall, and keep smiling!