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Ideas and tips to make christmas bright

The most important safety precautions at a glance

The gentle glow of candles, wreaths and trees help create a special, cozy atmosphere at Christmas time. But the flickering fires that warm our hearts also pose a major risk. Each year fire departments have to respond to a lot of fires caused by candles on Advent wreaths and Christmas trees.
Here’s what you need to look out for to make sure your holiday season is a safe one.
The most important safety precautions at a glance
We all know the rule, but it happens all the time: Never leave burning candles alone. Always make sure that they are in proper candleholders or jars, too.

Decorate your Christmas tree with strings of electric lights. Real candles can cause a fire in the blink of an eye, especially in homes with small children and pets such as cats and dogs. If you still want to use real candles, make sure that there is plenty of space between the candles and the nearest branches.

A simple rule for dealing with real candles: Light from the top down, put them out from the bottom up. That way you don’t miss a candle and you avoid accidentally brushing against one with your clothes. 
Keep candles away from curtains and blankets, which can catch fire easily.

Dry branches on Advent wreaths are also highly flammable. Instead of placing candles directly on the wreath, use metal candleholders. The best ones also protect the wreath with an additional glass covering around the candles. Stubby used candles also pose a fire hazard and can ignite the wreath. Replace old candles and melt down the old stubs to make new ones.

The final rule: Protect your Christmas tree to prevent accidents. Double-check your Christmas tree stand to be safe.
Smoke detectors alert you to fires early
Smoke detectors alert you to fires early and can help prevent serious injuries. They are mandatory in all homes in many cities, regions and countries. Every home should also have a fire extinguisher that is easy to reach in an emergency.

One last tip from us: Battery-operated or electric Christmas decorations are the best choice. There are plenty of great battery-operated lighting alternatives out there for Christmas trees and wreaths.

Merry Christmas to all of you and a Happy New Year!