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Christmas Recycling

What can I do with leftover biscuits and wrapping paper?

'Tis the season – for cookies, gingerbread and presents. But many of us can’t bear to see any more gingerbread or other holiday treats once Christmas is over. What to do with all the leftovers? Here are a few tips and bright ideas for sustainable, creative recycling, so that nothing ends up in the trash this year.
Leftover biscuits and gingerbread, often stale and hard, are a common sight after Christmas. Simply throwing them away would be a real shame. So here are a few suggestions for turning yesterday’s treats into dishes that are sure to wow friends and family alike! How about a tasty gingerbread tiramisu
Looking for a quick and easy alternative? Then crumble those cookies and use cream cheese and fruit preserves to make a delicious parfait. Just take a look in your pantry. There are many mouth-watering ways to keep your Christmas cookies out of the trash.
What can I do with used wrapping paper?
You’ve unwrapped all your presents. Just look at all that old wrapping paper and bows lying around! Now what? No need to send it off to the landfill!

You can easily use wrapping paper a second time or transform it into great arts and crafts projects. Click here to find out how to turn it into fabulous paper wheels to decorate new gifts. Bows offer a world of “crafty” opportunities, too, such as decorative flowers or gorgeous keychains. Friendship bracelets are another fun craft idea for the kids.

How can I recycle used candles?
Christmas is a time of candles. As a result, it’s also a time of candle stumps that normally end up in the trash. But wait, there are still plenty of things you can do with old, used candles. Melt down the candles and then pour the liquid wax into new forms. Place a wick in the middle and let the wax dry. The result: great new candles in eye-catching colors! Feel like getting really creative? Then try your hand at other wax melts, which make a great New Year’s Eve decoration or present.

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones – and have fun trying our craft ideas!