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Enjoy your summer vacation with VARTA

We'll show you what Germany has to offer. 

Summertime is vacation season, so how about a trip to Germany?
VARTA’s homeland has a whole lot to offer. From soaring mountaintops and sandy beaches that go on for miles, to fairy tale castles, there’s something for everyone. VARTA will show you what Germany has to offer.
In 2012, more than 30 million tourists from all around the world stayed in German hotels and hostels. The Dutch formed the largest group as they dropped in on their German neighbors. Hot on their heels were the Swiss, who also didn’t have long to travel. That’s why it’s even more surprising to learn that Americans, too, enjoy spending their vacations on the other side of the pond: an astounding 4.61 million of them visited Germany in 2013.
Comfortable apartment ambience rather than a hotel atmosphere
Staying in hotels can sometimes be an expensive affair. In general, it’s worth comparing the various sorts of accommodation available, as there are now options that offer not only more value than the traditional hotel, but also a feel-good atmosphere: privately rented vacation apartments and homes. The portals www.wimdu.com, www.9flats.com and www.airbnb.com offer a broad selection of privately rented vacation accommodations – in the country or city. Above all, the great thing about private accommodation is the individual charm of the place where you’re staying, something that can also differ greatly between countries. Another tip for families with kids: when choosing between accommodation options, you should really keep the little ones in mind, as some hotels allow children to stay for free.
Experience the romantic side of Germany
Romantic fairy tale castles and impressive fortresses are some of the most loved tourist destinations in Germany. The old walls recount stories from the long-forgotten days of kings and princesses and excite adults as much as they do children. As the Federal Republic of Germany was once divided into numerous small states, these romantic remnants of the past can be found dotted all over the country. A small selection of the most beautiful castles and forts can be found here.


The cities that Germany has to offer could not exhibit a more diverse range of places to see and things to do. Vibrant metropolises are mixed in with wonderfully maintained historical cities. The port city of Hamburg is known for its nightlife and musicals. In Cologne, a visit to the historic cathedral is a must for any itinerary. And of course, no stay in Berlin would be complete without a trip to the Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall. Have a look here to see what cities you’d most like to visit.

Camping: the outdoor experience for big and small
Germany is a great place to camp. And camping is a fantastic way to get to know the country and its people. If you don’t have time to research suitable camping spots, pay a brief visit to www.eurocamp.com. The website is an easy way to find the best addresses for a family camping vacation. You can also find more information on camping in the last article in this edition of the newsletter.

VARTA wishes you a lovely vacation in Germany, a restful time and lots of fun for old and young.