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A celebration of soccer and friendship

2016 UEFA European Championship – VARTA takes it into extra time

The 2016 UEFA European Championship, the absolute soccer highlight of the year, kicked off in France on June 10! Let’s take a look back at some of the most entertaining moments of past UEFA European Championships. To ensure that your cell phone has the power it needs for selfies when you watch this year’s matches at viewing parties in the park, in the fan zone or at the bar, VARTA has the right Powerpack for you!

Weird and Wonderful Highlights of past UEFA European Championships

Like any sports event with a long and rich history, the UEFA European Championship also looks back on an entertaining and turbulent past. One of the most legendary moments was Italy’s victory by coin toss in the semi-final in 1968. With no winner in the match between Italy and the Soviet Union after 120 minutes of play, the referee tossed a coin. Italy, the hosts of the tournament, lucked out and moved on to the final, ultimately winning the championship title at home. The consequence of this coin toss? UEFA decided that it should no longer be left to chance to decide who wins or loses a match – and the penalty shoot-out was born. Denmark’s surprise championship victory in 1992 was another quirk for the history books. Although the Danish national team failed to qualify for the tournament, Denmark replaced Yugoslavia after it was disqualified. Denmark ultimately went on to take home the trophy.

Enough Power to go 120 Minutes!

No matter how and where you watch the matches of your country’s team, you always have enough energy when you need it, thanks to the VARTA Powerpacks. The compact, colorful Powerpacks with 2.600 mAh fit in any (pants) pocket and give your cell phone a quick energy boost when its batteries start to run low during soccer evenings with friends or at the bar. Planning to stay at the viewing parties screening or in the fan zone a little longer? Then the Powerpacks with 6.000 mAh and 10.400 mAh are just what the doctor ordered. They give your smartphone enough energy for a whole day without a power socket! Travelers and fans on the move can rely on the 16.000 mAh big shots of the VARTA Powerpack range. With them, streaming those Euro 2016 matches on your tablet, is no problem for your battery, even when you’re away from home.

VARTA would like to wish each and every team the best of luck in the UEFA European Championship. Here’s to exciting matches and fantastic entertainment! We can’t wait to see who takes home the trophy!