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When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing more delightful than coming home to a nice, warm house. But winter also has a tendency to push up utility costs. After all, heat is one of the biggest factors in household energy consumption. VARTA has a few tips on how to heat more efficiently to help you save energy and money.

Heating right saves energy and protects your wallet

The optimum temperature for a living room is 20 °C – but only 17 °C for a bedroom. That’s the warmest the inside of a home needs to be. Every degree less you heat reduces your energy consumption by about 10 percent. You can check your room temperature with a normal thermo-hygrometer (a combination of a thermometer and a hygrometer, which is used to measure humidity). Keeping the doors to rooms shut prevents heat from escaping into unheated hallways, saving energy and cutting heating costs. Make sure your furniture and curtains aren’t blocking any radiators. Obstructed radiators reduce heating performance by up to 15 percent.

Proper ventilation means better indoor air

Many people don’t know it, but regular ventilation is the only way to ensure comfortable and healthy indoor air. The rule of thumb is: Air out rooms at least two to four times a day. But avoid leaving windows open “just a crack” all day. That’s because doing so is a major waste of energy and can cost you up to €200 more per heating season. Opening your windows all the way for a short time helps guarantee perfect indoor air and saves energy.

If your windows are old or no longer close properly, you should consider having them resealed. You can buy sealing strips for cracks and small openings in windows and doors at any hardware store. They’re self-adhesive and easy to apply. They also help prevent heat from escaping from warm rooms.

The following site provides additional information on heating and ventilation. Follow their tips for a cozy, healthy Christmas season at home. VARTA wishes all of you happy holidays!