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Travelling in South Tyrol socket free

                   This is what two internationally renowned travel bloggers         got up to this summer:

From July 8 – 12, German travel blogger Yvonne Zagermann, who runs the www.justtravelous.de blog, went on a journey through the breathtaking countryside of South Tyrol with her international colleague Kristin Addis from www.bemytravelmuse.com. The two bloggers travelled in a “socket free” camper van and relied entirely on the latest VARTA products. They documented everything they experienced on their blogs and social media channels.

Justtravelous – five-day break in South Tyrol

Yvonne Zagermann was immediately taken with the idea of travelling through South Tyrol with no sockets and using only VARTA products instead. The Powerpack
2.600 mAh and larger varieties Powerpack 10.400 mAh and Powerpack 16.000 mAh accompanied her on her travels. The travelers were easily able to charge them on the move using the cigarette lighter and Car Power. People who are frequently on the go, use their cell phone to work or to take a lot of pictures need the extra energy boost for their smartphones along the way.
You look up the route as well as which Powerpack she preferred on her blog. So check out her blog and social media channels:

Bemytravelmuse – an international voice for VARTA Consumer Batteries

Of course, the new Outdoor Sports Lights are a must for all outdoor adventurers, and so the bloggers took the lanterns and the headlights along with them. Thanks to the lights, they were able to take some great pictures even when the weather was bad and after the sun had gone down. You can take a look at the images taken during the night sessions at both Kristin’s and Yvonne’s social media sites.
If you feel like taking some amazing shots, Kristin, a passionate photographer, has some useful tips and advice for taking pictures at night: