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Plus X Award, prize for innovative technologies.
For 2 or 4 AA/AAA.


Charging time
2h Charging time
Minus Delta V method
Method which takes advantage of the fact that the cell voltage reduces slightly in a rechargeable battery (- Delta V), as soon as the cell is completely charged
12V Car Adapter
Including 12V adapter. This makes it possible to charge you rechargeable batteries while driving
Bad cell & alkaline detection
Contains criteria for switching off to prevent charging of primary cells, defect cells or cells with reverse polarity
Trickle Charge
Prevents the natural self-discharging process of rechargeable cells
Temperature control
The temperature of the rechargeable battery is measured whilst it is charging. If this rises above a defined maximum temperature level the charger switches itself off
Timer cut-off
A timer switches off after a specified time irrespective of charging status


  • Blue LCD display
  • Power check function
  • Charge up to 4 batteries
  • 2/4 AA or 2/4 AAA batteries
  • Fast charging (2-4 hours)
  • Desk charger
  • USB - charging (via Laptop, USB cable included)
  • Global voltage - worldwide use (100 - 240V)
  • 12V Car adaptor
  • Trickle charge
  • Bad cell / Alkaline / wrong polarity detection
  • Minus Delta V
  • Temperature control
  • Safety Timer - no overcharging
  • 3 years guarantee

The Plus X Award, prize for innovative technologies, honours manufacturers for their quality advantage. The Plus X Award distinguishes products that are innovative and viable for the future and possess at least one "Plus X" factor – the additional value of a product.

The ENERGY STAR is a quality label for energy-saving electronic devices. To obtain the ENERGY STAR, chargers must not exceed the required limits for power consumption and charging efficiency. This means that the chargers save energy and meet a very high level of energy efficiency.


VARTA Type 57070
Cell sizes AAA, AA
Systems to charge Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Cell configurations:
AAA 2 or 4 pieces
AA 2 or 4 pieces
Charge currents:
AAA 350 mA
AA 1400 mA 2AA, 700 mA 4AA
Mode -Δ v / Temperature / Timer
Control functions:
Temperature fuse 60 °C (140 °F)
Fuse location AC/DC adaptor
Wrong polarity protection Electronic
Bad cell detection Electronic