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Enjoy ultimate convenience with our clever and functional VARTA Charging Solutions. The useful features provide flexibility and comfort whether for your family at home or maximum independence on the go.


2 charging ports for maximum compatibility
1x USB Type C PD output with 3.0A
1x USB A 5V/2.4A output
30W for maximum charging speed
Charges tablets


  • Car Charger with 2 USB ports
    - 1x USB Type C PD 3.0A
    - 1x USB A 2.4A
  • Including USB Type C PD for efficient and intelligent charging
  • Communication between USB C PD charging port and device to be charged
  • 12V/24V input to use the Car Charger in cars and trucks
  • LED indicator
  • Comprehensive safety features to ensure high quality standards
  • VARTA brand quality ensured


VARTA Type 57932
Diameter 32 mm
Height 66 mm
Weight 30 g