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VARTA Recharge Accu Endless

Rechargeable batteries with highest recharge cycles in most demanded capacities
* Based on IEC 61951-2 ( Ed. 3 Performance may vary according to use.

State of the art technology combined
with latest materials!

Advanced materials: Usage of a new alloy and an optimized chemical composition.

Advanced structure: Use of a strong and thin outer case, improving the internal cell space and efficiency and optimizing the balance of battery components.

  • Higher number of charges
  • Lower self-discharge
  • Longer power in storage

Reasons to buy rechargeable batteries

Save Batteries
As Accus can be recharged thousands of times, they can replace thousands of alkaline batteries.
Save Money
Higher expenses will be paid back in short time by frequent usage.
Save Material and Packaging
The replacement of alkaline batteries saves a lot of raw materials and packaging as less batteries are produced.
Save Water and Energy
Less batteries lead to less water and energy consumption due to lower battery productions.
Save Transports
Lower battery productions and purchasing rates – as rechargeable batteries can be used several years – result in reduced transportation and pollution.
Available in most common sizes and with different capacities.
Can be recharged in any charger on the market.
Enormous operating life.
Save money

Did you know?

With the money you save when buying VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless you could buy 2 scoops of ice cream every day for 6 years.*
* price per scoop = 1€, 365 days per year


in comparison to the usage of alkaline batteries.

For example, the VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless AA 1900mAh can be charged up to 2100 times and thus four cells can replace 7600 alkaline batteries.*

* In digital cameras vs. VARTA ENERGY
up to 4.608 €*
* Taking into account the costs for 4 rechargeable batteries, charger, power consumption vs. the costs for purchasing alkaline batteries.


Did you know?

With one pack of VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless you can save waste in the amount of the weight of two adult men.

Reduce Waste

VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless can replace many alkaline batteries to reduce waste and contribute to environmental protection.

Waste of 1 blister of VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless
0,117 kg
Waste of 7600 Alkalines
176 kg


The perfect energy solution for high drain devices.

Rechargeable batteries are perfect for devices which need a large amount of energy in a short time: toys, home appliances, digital and video cameras.

They are not recommended for the usage in devices which are not used often (e.g. personal scales) or require a permanent tension (e.g. wall clock).

Did you know?

With VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless you can take up to 3.900 shots more with your digital camera than using alkaline batteries.*
* Based on IEC 61951-2 ( Ed.3. Performance may vary according to use, vs. VARTA Energy

Did you know?

With VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless you can enjoy playing with your toy up to 500 hours longer than using alkaline batteries.*
* Based on IEC 61951-2 ( Ed.3. Performance may vary according to use, vs. VARTA Energy

Hints & Tricks

When the device is not used for a long time, rechargeable batteries should be withdrawn to avoid deep discharge.
From time to time the Accus should be fully discharged and charged several times.
Storage temperature
For an optimal performance rechargeable batteries should be stored at a temperature between 10 to 30 degrees.
State of charge when storing
When storing VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless for a longer time, the Accus should be charged beforehand.
Accus should be recharged every 12 months.
To avoid environmental and health problems due to hazardous substances in electrical and electronic goods, appliances marked with this symbol mustn’t be disposed of with unsorted municipal waste, but recovered, reused, or recycled. For further information on recycling please contact your local city council.

VARTA Charger Range

For an optimal product experience VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless and VARTA chargers should be used together.