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Indestructible 3 Watt LED Swivel Light 4AA
Flashlights that meet the highest demands and/or special requirements. Ideal for intensive hobbies and professional use. For all who consider a flashlight as more than just a source of light
Anti-soc 4 m
Carcasă aluminiu
LED Cree
Rezistente la apă
2 nivele lumină
Low battery indicator
Prindere magnetica
3 ani garanţie VARTA
  • Cree 3W high performance LED for a great light output
  • 2 light modes (high/low)
  • 180° swivelling head for maximum flexibility
  • Made from high-grade type ll anodized aluminium
  • Extremely robust (4m drop test)
  • Water resistant (IPX4)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Including mountable magnet holder
  • Including stainless steel hanging ring
Tip VARTA 18703
Greutate cu baterii 288 gr
Lungime 192 mm
Diametrul capului 51,00 mm
Caracteristici de comparat
Lungimea fascicolului luminos: up to 151 m (0.25 lux)
Durata de funcţionare neîntreruptă: up to 72 h 
Luminozitate totală: up to 215 lumeni
Sursă lumină: 3 Watt LED
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