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Here you can find compilations of our press releases, news about VARTA Consumer Batteries and our products. If you want to be up-to-date with VARTA sign up in our press mailing list. Please contact our press department if you have any further questions.
Fast Wireless Charger
Fast, wireless, flexible charging – the new Fast Wireless Charger from VARTA Consumer Batteries
The new standard: many manufacturers now offer smartphones that can be recharged without having to be plugged into one of the many cords in a household. Simply place the smartphone on the surface of an appropriate charging device and the phone’s battery refills as if by magic. With the new Fast Wireless Charger, VARTA Consumer Batteries presents wireless charging in its fastest way. The Fast Wireless Charger will be available in stores starting in November.
VARTA helps
For a brighter future: VARTA Consumer Batteries launches the “VARTA Helps” charity campaign
“In service for you” is the brand message of VARTA Consumer Batteries. And this message applies to more than just products and services. As a reliable partner in all situations in life, the traditional company from Ellwangen wants to stand by its customers and support them across national borders. That’s why VARTA this spring launched the charity campaign “VARTA Helps” to do good in cooperation with charitable organizations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Wall Charger
Simpler, faster, smarter – new charging solutions from VARTA Consumer Batteries
VARTA Consumer Batteries presents three smart accessories for quick and easy charging. The new Wall Charger and the new Car Charger Dual USB Fast provide power for several different devices – simultaneously, speedily and reliably. VARTA’s 2in1 Charge & Sync cable for Micro USB & Type C supports powerful data synchronisation during the charging process. All three new energy sources are available in stores now.
Power Banks Safety
Safety first: VARTA Consumer’s Power Banks are now even safer

The “Always On” generation never goes anywhere without a smartphone and a Power Bank. This dynamic duo can be found nowadays in nearly every handbag, briefcase and backpack. The Family Power Bank range from VARTA Consumer Batteries has just received a major safety upgrade. These comprehensive improvements make using the Power Banks even more safe, protect the Power Banks more effectively against external influences and prevent any misuse. The new Power Banks with ”Advanced Safety Technology” are now available in stores. In addition, VARTA Consumer Batteries’ homepage offers useful tips and tricks for consumers on how to use Power Banks.
VARTA Pets Lights
VARTA celebrates the premiere of “The Secret Life of Pets 2” with a new series of lights for children
The creative people at Illumination Entertainment (the makers of “Minions”) dedicated an animated film to our furry friends with “The Secret Life of Pets” in 2016. The box-office hit about the adventures of Max, Gidget, Mel and their pals gets its long-awaited sequel when “The Secret Life of Pets 2” premieres in cinemas this summer.
Parallel to the film’s launch in movie theaters, VARTA Consumer Batteries is unveiling its own series of pets. VARTA’s quartet of children’s lights in “The Secret Life of Pets” design will be available in stores starting in May.
VARTA Consumer Batteries
VARTA AG acquires VARTA Consumer Battery business from Energizer
Battery manufacturer VARTA AG signed an agreement today to acquire the VARTA Consumer Batteries business (“VARTA Consumer”) from the US American company Energizer Holdings, Inc. (“Energizer”). A number of national companies belong to VARTA Consumer Batteries, which has its main production site in Dischingen, Germany.
VARTA Day Light Range
A favorite celebrates its comeback: VARTA Consumer Batteries updates the Day Light Flashlights
VARTA Consumer Batteries, which has been synonymous with batteries “made in Germany” for over 130 years, also offers a wide range of flashlights for consumers. The Day Light series, which debuted eleven years ago as a collection of five compact torches, is now being re-launched with a new design. In addition to a fresh housing, the technology inside the light has also been updated. The new Day Light series will be available in stores starting in March.
Work Flex Range
VARTA Work Flex Range – Brighten up every DIY project
More and more people find that DIY projects are the perfect way to reduce stress and express their creativity. With the Work Flex Range, VARTA Consumer Batteries presents a series of four multifunctional lights that are perfectly designed to master the challenges of do-it-yourself projects. The Pocket Light, the Area Light, the Telescope Light and the BL30R are now available in stores.

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