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Here you can find compilations of our press releases, news about VARTA Consumer Batteries and our products. If you want to be up-to-date with VARTA sign up in our press mailing list. Please contact our press department if you have any further questions.
Indestructible Lantern
VARTA Consumer's new “Indestructible” Lantern is a shining light
Whether you’re in the outback or enjoying an evening on your terrace: VARTA Consumer's new “Indestructible” Lantern is a break from the norm. The nearly unbreakable lamp is designed to be used in the most demanding of conditions, be it a trip to the wilderness or a big BBQ with the whole family.
High Energy AA best before
Good, better, VARTA Consumer: Battery quality improved thanks to longer shelf lives
VARTA Consumer has increased the shelf lives of all of its best-selling
products in the High Energy and Max Tech AA and AAA ranges. The new blister packs with the new information prominently displayed are now available in stores and offer retailers and consumers alike long-term added value.
Portable Power
Portable power from Varta: An energy boost on the go
Carefree mobility: VARTA Consumer's new Portable Powerpacks provide peace of mind and are always at hand when a battery dies. No matter whether you've got a smartphone, satellite navigation system or GPS device, VARTA's Portable Powerpacks deliver the right amount of power for them all.
Indestructible Competition 2013
Indestructible Competition 2013: The ultimate test of strength for VARTA Consumer
The slogan of the Indestructible lights from VARTA Consumer packs a real punch – precise, strong and, of course, indestructible. In our Indestructible competition starting in August, we want you to find creative ways to put the strength of the lights to the test. Total prize money of € 8,000 is up for grabs for the most creative ideas.
Three innovation awards for VARTA Consumer
Three innovation awards for VARTA Consumer: The Powerpack and LED Book Light both secure prizes at Plus X Awards 2013
Limited Edition
Lifeis so colorful! VARTA Consumer’s Limited Edition brings springtime sunshine tohomes
Starting March 2013, VARTA Consumer will prove that batteries don’t all have to look the same. The Limited Edition is not only more colorful than conventional batteries, but these little powerpacks have even more energy.
The VARTA Home Story – living without batteries for a day
We all take batteries – conventional and rechargeable ones – totally for granted in our everyday lives. They are especially important in the home, but we also make different use of them as the seasons change: For
example, flashlights are essential during the long dark months of winter, and in the summer, we love playing with battery-powered toys and gadgets. But what would things be like if we had to do without batteries?
In this VARTA “home story”, VARTA Consumer imagines what it might be like to spend 24 hours in a world without batteries. The following tale illustrates just some of the differences!

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